Have you ever been to our house? 

Chances are, if you have, it looks different than when you last saw it…no matter when that day was.

Even if it was an hour ago?


Even if you just stepped outside for a moment?

Still different.

Our home is an ever-evolving super-sized Rubix Cube, constantly changing shape, color, function…you name it. Yesterday’s brown dining room is transformed into today’s blue-gray living room. Yesterday’s hall closet is transformed into today’s piano room. Yesterday’s living room is transformed into today’s dining room. 

Beautiful is a sculptor. She is constantly chipping away at her already-stunning home, making what was once beautiful even more…beautiful. Just when you think our home couldn’t look better, she tilts a plant, or “up-cycles” a window, or moves a chair, or spraypaints a vase…and…

BOOM. Better.

And you should’ve seen this place before she got her fingerprints all over it. It was just like every 2-story home in the development…only uglier. And dirtier. (The previous owners didn’t exactly prioritize cleaning this home.) Jenny has laid ceramic tile in two rooms, updated the kitchen cabinets, painted the trim, installed a new kitchen sink, and has even done some electrical work!

Beautiful has a single fatal flaw in this matter: she doesn’t think that what she does is anything unique or praiseworthy. She’s oblivious. But, please take a look at the photos below, and see for yourself how extraordinary this woman is at decorating. Ahhh…Life with Beautiful is just, simply, beautiful.