Okay, I’ve been giving this some thought over this past week of blogging. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a daily routine…some framework in which to work throughout the week. I’ve decided to have seven unique themes addressed on each day. And since I’m adamant about adhering to annoying alliteration, the topics and days start with the same letter. How ingenious and original, I know. (Sarcasm Alert.) 

So here’s what you can anticipate reading/enduring throughout the typical week! 

Sunday Sermon: A reflection on the message I gave (or heard) that morning in youth group.

Monday Musing: A soap box topic that will inevitably (and humorously) collapse underneath my feet.

Tuesday Tale: A meaningful story about my children from the past week. 

Wednesday Wonder: All about my extraordinary Life With Beautiful.

Thursday Thief: The aim is simple – to help readers fight off the Thief, and have life to the full (John 10:10).

Friday Funnies: It’s a YouTube funny video contest! You’ll be able to vote for which video remains the champ for another week. (Feel free to suggest new video candidates on my Facebook page.)

Saturday Sabbath: What did God teach me after I gave Him more time and devotion than usual?  

Don’t sweat it. It’s not like I expect you to build your busy lives around the schedule…but if you’re a creature of habit (as am I), you’ll appreciate the predictable seasons on this blog. It’s sort of like Newton’s Cradle (the image below). There can be great strength and comfort from things we can rely on to routinely occur. Like the sunrise. I hope this blog can add some predictability to your otherwise unpredictable world.