Who does this? I mean, really? WHO?

What stay-at-home moms with four young children, when given the rare chance for TWO days in a week to themselves, does this?

For those who know Beautiful well, you know she just can’t chill out. In spite of my tireless attempts in mentoring her to embrace her inner slacker, she is just as tireless to remain tireless.  She has no low gear.

So, naturally, she took those two days of “down time” to…paint and decorate…

…her home?


…her friend’s home?

Getting colder. MUCH colder.





It was a complete act of mercy, like helping a rat with a broken foot. My office at church was a horrible display of complete…schmleckage. (Don’t waste your time looking up the word. I made it up for this special occasion. Sometimes the English language just doesn’t offer an adequate adjective for a noun.)  Anyone who would pass by my office would either just stop and gawk at the carnage….or just run for cover, out of fear of catching an airborne virus. Schmleckage.

So, Beautiful gets to thinking, “I have available time this week, and an insane ability to make any room look like it’s prepped for a magazine photo shoot, and a husband who is just embarrassing me with how schmlecky his office his. I have a plan.”

Off she goes, using the only gear available to her. New paint job. New photography with new frames (thanks to this talented neighbor friend). New lighting. Even a plant that she insists I cannot possibly kill, even with a blowtorch.

Never fear: there will be photos of this transformation after my office makeover is complete. But let me just say this, I will have the nicest office at CCC…and that’s even without having windows or a humane walking distance to a restroom. Yes, miracles do happen. Especially in a church.

So now I can go to work, and not grimace at all the schmleckage. In fact, I’m actually going to enjoy spending more time in the office. (And, in case you didn’t know this, that’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse: a youth pastor who enjoys spending time in his office.  You’ve been warned.)

I realize that I’m slightly biased. But I’m beginning to think that Beautiful is a pretty special lady.