I used to endure a pet peeve that I’m sure many share with me. It almost goes without saying, but I’ll name it anyhow:







Clearly, as I’m sure you all would agree, anyone who does this unforgivable sin should never, ever be…umm…forgiven.

At least that’s what I thought, until I had an epiphany while in the bathroom.

(On a related note, I have a theory on why epiphanies typically occur in the bathroom. I think it has something to do with having precious, quiet time completely alone to think, reflect, and…think. Anyhow, back to the post.)

Where was I? That’s right. Epiphany.

Today I naively reached for the toilet paper that should have been faithfully waiting there to assist me. But it wasn’t.  All that hung there was a humble cardboard roll, with a shred of  semi-useless paper attached. It was mocking me.

So I did exactly what you would do: I reached for a new roll, and correctly loaded the roll onto its dispenser.

Did you catch that? It was the epiphany, summed up in one beautiful word: “correctly”.

See, most everyone knows there is a correct way to have the toilet paper: “paper-side OUT”. But occasionally, there are a few who may either forget, or who are improperly taught, or who are just playing an April Fool’s prank, and place the roll paper- side IN.

So there it is. From this day forward, whenever the roll sits there empty, I will never curse the injustice bestowed upon me. Rather, I will be grateful for the opportunity to lovingly and thoughtfully ensure that friends and family alike are protected from the incorrect application of the toilet paper roll.

You’re welcome.